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My Skills

I enjoy many programming languages. My favorite right now has got to be Ruby on Rails. This includes a knowledge of a handful of technologies, including HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, Git, and Sass. In addition to those, I also frequently use PHP (with ...

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Ruby on rails for beginners 1 638

About this page

This page was created from scratch using Ruby on Rails. I wrote the application by myself, and on the backend there is a content management system (CMS) that I can easily add pages to. All I need to do is populate a template with content, and the ...

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Tips hiring great web developer

Looking ahead to the future

Ideally, my future plans would be to finish school and become a full-time web developer. In order to make this happen, right now I am looking for a job where I can grow more as a web developer while contributing to projects. It would be best if I ...

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University of Utah

I started attending the University of Utah in Fall of 2013. Since then, I've been pursuing a Computer Science degree, with an emphasis in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. I've also heavily participated in music groups on campus. This includes t...

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Gamers of Ra

Gamers of Ra is an online gaming community who's purpose it to help amateur players find teams and sponsors. The community had a website built and needed a new developer, so I stepped in. My responsibilities began with simple tasks: modify css, ad...

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