My work

The Gamerz Funk

The Gamerz Funk approached me for a website a few years ago. They weren't looking for anything fancy, just and upgraded version of their current wordpress site. I previously worked for the company, so I already knew a lot about their needs. Their website is essential to their business, as it's used for a lot of their marketing. Additionally, whenever a customer logs into one of their computers and opens a web browser, it brings them to the website. I tried to match the design of the site to the aesthetic of their building, so that the customer's wouldn't feel interrupted by this process. Additionally, there is leaderboard functionally for their competitive circuit (ggCircuit).

Utah Valley University - Computer Science Research Project

There isn't a whole lot I can say about this project, as it is still in progress. However, I CAN say that I learned a lot about blockchain technology (both theory and hands on), working in an industry production environment, and deadlines.

Khepri Ventures - Cryptocurrency Mining

Though this isn't particularly related to current Web Development, I feel as if this is very relevant technical experience. I was the only technical person at Khepri Ventures, so it was my job to know everything about cryptocurrency, mining rigs, graphics cards, and Linux. My job title was "Systems Architect". I designed all of the components in our mining rigs, determined how much power we would need, ensured they had appropriate software, and wrote the appropriate software when it didn't exist. I also trained roughly two dozen employees on how to build and maintain mining equipments. My proudest accomplishment at this company was figuring out overclock settings for the GTX 1080 graphics cards mining Ethereum. I increased our overall production by around 20%, and cut our power costs by 45%.

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